About us

The beginning activity Szary Racing Team (SRT) spans end of 90’s bypast century.

Activities SRT proceeded on few equivalent fronts, but it was always connected common denominator – off – road vehicles 4×4. At the beginning SRT was generaly the rally team, openned up in many seasons of RMPST (Polish Cross Country Championship) and earned the crown RMPST.

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At the same time SRT ran garage, where serviced and rebuilt off – road vehicles 4×4 for sport, ventures and off – road motoring. Also SRT clustered crew together, which was renovating old american military vehicles from WWII and subsequent periods. 

Nowadays, SRT answer to customer demand and diversify activities on part store with replaceable parts to old american military vehicles from WWII.

At the same time, SRT crew get into organizing: amateur off – road racing, training off- road drivers for army and public establishment, off -road events, military vehicle reunions and historical reenactments. But SRT put the biggest emphasis on expansion and fortify part store with stock, that is ”SRT -Willys MB Ford GPW in parts”.

Over past 20 years our activities, it is proof that, connection between passion, hobby and hard work is possible.